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A case of 'the mean reds'

As a big fan of the movie version of Breakfast at Tiffany's, I like to 'code name' my time of month 'The Mean Reds'. What an appropriate name, huh? Red? Self-explanatory really. Mean? Most definitely.

Do I have embarrassing 'time of month' stories to tell? A whole arsenal full! I well and truly thought that the 'embarrassing period moments' will disappear the day I walk out of high school. Nope, no they didn't.

Let me indulge you in a little story called 'Ordinary Sunday Night Sleepover at the Boyfriend's Place (who lived with the parents at that stage). Let's rewind back to earlier this year. First of all, I am regular like clockwork. I am paranoid about my health, and well, lady-healthy like that, so good. Second of all, I am NEVER UNPREPARED. So one Sunday night I promptly decided to stay an extra night at the Boyfriend's place and go to work from there the next day. I had a spare set of clothes. What I didn't have, was a tampon for the next day.

During the early hours of the morning, I woke up with my monthly visitor, but this time, I couldn't just mutter 'Oh welcome, oooh, I'm not pregnant and ... wait ... let me go find a tampon'. I was like ... 'oh, okay ...' Hesitantly, I shook the boyfriend awake:

1) He can be grumpy

2) He can be especially grumpy at 5h30 in the morning

3) Sharing your 'Mean Reds' failure with a boyfriend isn't exactly something you want to do.


It went something like this:

Me: 'Are you awake?'

Him: 'Now I am, what?'

Me: 'I don't know how to say this exactly but ... is it possible that you can go up to your sister's room and grab me a tampon?'

Him: 'Oh ... s***'

Him (again): WHY do you always forget stuff?

Him: Huffs up the stairs, comes back. 'Can't find anything'.

Me: 'It's okay, I'll just drive to the Shell garage real quick and get a pack'.

Him: No, I'll go.

Me: No, ME!

Him, huffing, and puffing, and being very not so happy about the fact that I just woke him up, me, trying my utmost best to resolve my dignity, we tried to sneak out. Of course, the dogs in the lounge went CRAZY and we woke up the entire household. Caught ... well ... red faced.

Can I just mention that we were only dating a couple of months at this stage? 

Anyway, we all have at least ONE tale to tell and ONE little nickname for our 'time of month'.

Don't leave me hanging here! Share! 

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