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​When it comes to starting out as a Natural or whether you`re like me and been in the game for a good few years, it can get confusing on which chemicals to avoid on you`re natural hair and why. Ask any or most naturals how long it takes for natural hair to flourish, as there is no one perfect recipe or concoction to follow in order to achieve this. Every single person has a different hair type and what works on my hair might not work on your hair and that`s the simple truth. 🤞 I've listed a few of those harmful babies down below so continue to read on to get the scoop on what chemicals really dont work for natural hair and why you should be avoiding them..

1. Silicones For me, silicone is like a two headed beast. I love it because it provides shine to my hair, and makes it soft and doesn't weigh it down, especially after the every now and then blowout. On the other hand, silicone should be avoided as it only conditions the hair on the outside. Its bad because it prevents moisture and also nourishment to get beyond the hair shaft, leaving the hair dry in reality.

2. Artificial Fragrances 👃Artificially fragranced products might smell good on the hair, but it could be made up of a mixture of things, and amongst other alcohol, which may lead to dry, damaged hair in the end.

3. Mineral Oils and Petroleum If clogging of pores sound bad to you, then you should know Mineral Oils and Petroleum are known culprates thereof, which may lead to hair follicles and pores to suffocate delaying any hair growth. Mineral oils and Petroleum are way to heavy for hair to flourish in its natural state, instead try using lighter oils like coconut, argan or castor oils. These oils will add inches onto your hair growth if you use them consistently.

4. Polyethylene GlycolNatural hair is prone to dryness, and whilst Polyethylene Glycol is found in many hair care products, its an agent strong enough to strip grease and grime from kitchen appliances. So this chemical is a definite no-go!

5. ParabensMethyl, propyl and ethyl parabens are all commonly used to preserve and extend products shelf life. Allergic reactions often go with using these paraben enriched products. So next time, try to avoid purchasing any hair products containing parabens.

6. Isopropyl Alcohol (rubbing alcohol)Rubbing alcohol is generally used when cleaning wounds, and even then yes, it dries out the skin. So why would you want to put it on you`re hair?! Using products containing Isopropyl will just make your hair prone to breakage and damage so just avoid it all in all.*All pictures featured are from Google

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