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5minute makeup routine

5minute makeup routine


b2ap3_thumbnail_Photo-on-2013-01-18-at-1.47-PM-3.jpgbeing a mom and a fitness freak, There isnt much time for me to do a full face of makeup every day (just the thought of it is exhausting!). I feel its not necessary to wear a ton of makeup anyway, because of the tolls it may have on the skin later on in life. Thus, my every day makeup for when I am running after my 2 year old daughter, grocery shopping or writing my bloggies (yes, looking good is essential to a writers creativity!) is simple and fresh. 

The following is my routine: 


Clinique's sheer city block SPF 25- Even with winter coming along, an SPF is a must every day. I dab a small amount onto my face as i would with normal moisturiser, and blend. NOTE: On days where I feel i need a little extra coverage, I use a concealer OR I add a small drop of foundation to my moisturiser before applying.

2. Bronzer- the best way to go from plain to sophisticated. I apply it under my cheekbones, and on the outer edges of my face. The look is sunkissed, with a glow, and also creates definition.

3. Yardley Illuminating Glo to the centre of forehead , down the bridge of the nose, above the cupids bow (lip) and on center of chin. I also apply a little to the apple of my cheeks and under my eyebrows. NOTE: Use a tiny tiny amount of illuminator, as it can leave you looking "Sweaty" or "shiny" during the day. 

4. Liquid liner- My favourite beauty product ever. Simply because it immediately opens up the eyes. depending on my mood I do either a fine line to a medium thick line on the top of my lashline.

5. Inglot's Long & Curly Mascara- I have a wide array of mascara's in my beauty box. from Estee Lauder to Sephora (which are amazing, fyi) but the Inglot one has to be my love for every day makeup. Its fine, and doesnt clump at all. It gives the lashes a long, thicker look without looking over done. It is also super easy to remove.

6. Inglot's cream blush (colour 88)- loving this blush, im onto my 2nd tub! Simply because the creamy pink mousse gives a natural flushed look. Its easy to blend, I prefer using my finger tips to apply.

7. Lip colour- This also depends on my mood, some days I go bold and bright in candy pinks, corals and rasberries. other days I love more muted tones - Mac Myth and Estee Lauder Sugar are my go to combination. 

finish off with a "spray" I love to use a refreshing ph balancer spray (or you can just add rose water into a spray bottle) over my face from a distance. The spray should gently mist against your face, holding it too close will make your skin too "wet" and basically just cause your makeup to run.

Yes, All of the above in just 5mins (with tons of practice!) 

Much love. A.

Eye make up remover winner -" BIO -OIL"
Nora's New Favourite Thing:)

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