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4 Tips for Maintaining a Perfect Smile

When you ask people what they notice first about a person, the majority will say it's their smile. A gorgeous smile is the best asset you could have – and it influences people's first impression about you immensely. A gorgeous smile is based equal parts on aesthetics and oral hygiene and health. Here are some ways to ensure you dazzle everyone wherever you show up.

Don't avoid your dentist

Regular dentist check-ups are crucial for a pretty smile and healthy teeth. Even if you aren't experiencing any problems, or haven't noticed any signs of decay, it's important to keep up with this schedule. Statistics show that around 44% Australian adults have regular check-ups with the same dentist. Your dentist might notice problems you may have missed, and could also perform routine cleaning, whitening or polishing procedures. Sometimes, even serious problems, like root canal inflammation show no symptoms at all, but your dentist should be able to identify them should they occur. Many Sydneysiders who face this problem opt for a painless root canal procedure in Baulkham Hills. If your teeth are healthy, but uneven, don't hesitate to talk to your orthodontist.

Brush religiously

Brushing your teeth can be tedious, and many people lose their patience and cut corners. The recommended bare minimum is brushing two times a day (morning and bedtime) for two minutes straight, using a fluoride toothpaste. Of course, if you've had candy or a sugary drink, it's okay to brush more often. Brushing is not the only step in the recommended dental hygiene routine, though. You should also floss daily, rinse out your mouth with water (or just drink plenty of water) often, and clean your tongue too. Remember to replace your toothbrush every three to four months. For natural, non-aggressive whitening, try using a baking soda and hydrogen peroxide toothpaste two to three times a week. 

Watch your lifestyle

This simple notion is drilled into us from childhood, but it always bears repeating. A healthy diet is an essential building block for every aspect of our health, and teeth are no exception. A diet high in sugar is terrible for your teeth, and that includes sugary drinks and coffee too. Don't forget that some drinks, like wine, coffee and tea can also stain or discolor your pearly whites. The same goes for cigarettes, but they can have other, more serious consequences too.. If possible, avoid smoking and alcohol altogether, cut your sugar intake, and limit your consumption of caffeinated drinks.

Take care of your lips

A pretty smile is not just about healthy, white teeth, but the lips surrounding them as well. The area around the lips is very delicate and, thanks to the many muscles that control our lips, it's also prone to wrinkles. Try incorporating a serum and a good quality moisturizer into your beauty routine, and focus on the skin around your mouth just as much as you do on the eye area. If your lips often feel dry and chapped, you can give them an exfoliating treatment by brushing them gently with a wet toothbrush a few times a week. Don't forget to apply a moisturizing lip balm afterwards. If possible, your lip balm should have SPF protection too. Every once in a while, when you want to pamper yourself, you can treat your dry lips with a homemade mask, using beauty staples like honey and coconut oil.

Even, white teeth, and soft, supple lips are not just the features you need for a perfect smile. They are also a shortcut to confidence, so that you can laugh and talk without worries or embarrassment.

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