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Feminine Hygiene November 07, 2014 808
Tampax Compak
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Hi BB!

To be honest.... I love the idea of the Tampax Compak and I LOVE the applicator as it is soft, however, I don't the actual tampon itself.

It does not insert deep enough and I had to either take it out and put it a new one or manually push it in. The tampon itself is also not as soft as the normal l (i.e. non applicator) tampons I have been using, so the pulling it out part was a bit unpleasant for me. It just does not feel at all like a non applicator tampon. It almost gave me the feeling that it was longer as well and did not absorb as much. Mostly though, the main problem for me was that it does not go in deep enough - which defeats the whole purpose of having an applicator.

I love the idea of the cute wrapper and the soft plastic, however, I don't think I will be purchasing this in the future unless they change feel and adjust the applicator.

Thank you for letting me test this product! x
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March 16, 2015
Totally agree with your review and experienced the exact same thing.
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