Rooibos Tea and Your Skin

Yes, there is no denying that winter is here and your skin will need a bit of extra love and care. One way of keeping warm is through tea and Rooibos is definitely on many people’s shopping lists. But, other than the delicious and refreshing taste, what else can Rooibos tea do for you?






  1. Helps keep you hydrated- In winter, many of us are less likely to drink enough water, but by adding a few cups Rooibos tea to your daily routine, you can keep yourself and your skin hydrated. Because it is free of caffeine, you can enjoy as many cups as you want throughout the day.
  2. Helps soothe eczema – As a sufferer of eczema myself, I can testify that Rooibos tea helps to calm your skin during a flare-up. By brewing a pot of tea with 4 or 5 teabags, then adding them to your bath, you can soak and soothe your skin. Scientists believe that the high levels of flavonoids in Rooibos tea help to encourage the body to destroy unwanted pathogens.
  3. Helps soothe acne – Instead of rinsing your face with normal water, consider using lukewarm or cold Rooibos Tea. The anti-bacterial properties will help protect your acne prone skin from infections.
  4. Anti- aging properties – Drinking Rooibos tea helps to keep your skin young because of the superoxide dismutase enzyme. This enzyme is necessary for the production of healthy skin cells and also helps fight off wrinkle causing free-radicals.
  5. Has anti-bacterial properties – It can be applied to a cut to help prevent a bacterial infection.
  6. Relieve tired eyes – By simply placing cold Rooibos teabags onto your eyes, you can relieve tired and red eyes.


rooibos tea

It is because of all the benefits that you find many beauty products containing Rooibos tea extracts. But, why not get the maximum benefits by also including a cup to enjoy at breakfast, lunch and supper?

Article by: Sharon Kariwo

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