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Applicators, Tools April 01, 2013 139
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I have found the perfect foundation brush...and I had to share it with everyone. If you did not know, Real Techniques brushes was designed by one half of the Youtube Channel Pixiewoo, Samantha Chapman. I received the Stippling brush as a present from America for my birthday but I priced it and it was $9.99 which is roughly R92, which is a good price for a makeup brush.

Firstly, this brush is made of synthetic hair. So if you are again using brushes with animal hair, this is perfect for you. So I compared this to my mac brushes to feel the difference. My mac brushes (which are made of goat hair) are a lot softer but not as sturdy as the synthetic hair. The real techniques bristles are a bit "plasticky" when you touch it with your hands but you do not feel it when you use it on your face. the bristles are not packed incredibly tightly so I use this for foundation and not cream blush.
The mac duo fibre brush is packed tighter and this makes it easer to apply my cream blush.

Secondly, the brush itself is adorable. Its hot pink color and is very light. I prefer a sturdy brush usually but I can overlook the lightness of this brush because I like it so much. The handle is made of aluminum and has a flat base so that the brush can stand up on its own.

The third and final thing I want to comment on is the application. I use so much less foundation now that I have started using this brush. Its amazing. I pour a little foundation onto my hand and then pick it up with this brush. I then place small amounts all over my face and begin blending. Your skin looks flawless and you do not have to worry about any streaks!

My camera has died on me so i took the picture from
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April 01, 2013
I forgot to mention that if you check this brush out on their website they show you how to use it and different tutorials for different makeup looks (
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