Peta Kieser, owner of The Little Green Box eco salon

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We asked gorgeous Peta Kieser, beauty therapist and owner of The Little Green Box eco salon, to give us the lowdown on her beauty basics and why eco is the way to go.

1. What are the most essential components of your daily beauty regime?
I can’t live without my Konjac facial sponge and ESSE gel cleanser (R180/100ml). I use them twice a day to cleanse and remove impurities like makeup, sun block and pollution.

2. Your secret to maintaining a youthful complexion?
I avoid the sun at all costs. I NEVER tan; I always wear a hat when I’m outside, and I apply sun block every day – even in winter.

3. A beauty product you never leave home without?
Lip-gloss and lip balm. I only use brands that are free of petrochemicals and animal by-products, and I ensure that I always have one in my car, and one in every handbag.

4. Your best beauty industry insider ‘trick of the trade’?
Once you’ve applied your eye cream, use any remaining bits on your fingertips to smooth over fine lines above the eyebrows or lip lines.

5. When deciding upon the concept for your salon, what made you opt for organic?
I believe that skincare of the future is ethical and sustainable. I wanted to support local product houses that believe in social responsibility and uplifting communities through fair trade, like ESSE Organic Skincare and Kalahari Lifestyle. The best thing about organic skincare is that the skin recognises and responds to natural ingredients better than petrochemicals, animal by-products, parabens, synthetic fragrances and colourants, and sulphated surfactants, which can cause skin irritation even at low concentrations.

6. Beautiful women you take inspiration from?
Jane Surwand, the founder of Dermalogica, and Carina Franck, the founder of Kalahari Lifestyle.

7. As a busy mom and salon owner, how do you retain balance, and keep your cool?
I work with a business coach who helps keeps me stay focused and work towards my goals. When I’m at work I focus 100 percent on work, and when I’m with my family, I focus 100 percent on us spending time together. I still feel guilty about taking me-time time every now and then, but that’s something I need to work on…

The Little Green Box: 41 Meadow Way, Constantia, Cape Town. 

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