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Oils and Gels April 05, 2014 105
ORS Tea Tree Oil
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I was not particularly wowed by this product. Tea Tree Oil is not top of the list in the ingredients. It is preceded by coconut oil, castor oil and vitamin E... so... is it really tea tree oil???

It's not really an oil, it's more of the hair food texture and consistency but it melts easily when exposed to warmer temperatures.

The scent can get a bit overwhelming, but if you don't mind it then you have nothing to worry about

It left my hair looking greasy and heavy, but I have never liked this look so it was a big no for me. Even though applied to the scalp, it also travels onto the hair strands because nature.

It does help with flakiness if that's a problem for you and your scalp.

It does also contain PETROLATUM, PARAFFIN and ISOPROPYL MYRISTATE, among other things, but if you're not fussy then grab yourself a jar.

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