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nioxin kit 2
Treatments, Masks August 13, 2013 85
Nioxin Hair System Kit 2
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Nioxin system 2 is for hair that is fine, natural (not colour treated) and visibly thinning. The reason I selected this as my category is because my hair is thinning quite a bit around my path way. The kit comes with a cleanser, scalp revitaliser and a treatment. I have been using the entire kit for a month now.

I would shampoo with cleanser and massage it in well, rinse and follow with the revitaliser and leave that in for a few minutes. After my hair dried naturally and was still damp I would squeeze out one full pump of treatment into my hand and then massage it into my scalp.

The bottles are quite small and I was worried it wouldn’t last me the full month of use since my hair is long, but it did with much to spare because you don’t need a lot of product.

The shampoo is clear with a greenish tinge and smells distinctly of peppermint which is a really clean and fresh smell and my scalp definitely feels clean after using it. It is very much like using a clarifying shampoo.

The conditioner or revitaliser is creamy and quite thick and I would apply this mostly to my length with just some residual product smeared on my roots. The revitaliser does the job of softening my hair a little but is not a deep conditioner or very nourishing. It also didn’t weigh my hair down.

The treatment is very light weight foam; I did find that it dried out my hair at the front that it came into contact with slightly. It doesn’t add any weight or build up on your scalp and feels like nothing which is great. I did follow this with my usual leave in oil/silicone treatment because I did feel that my hair needed it.

The box says 70% of users noticed thicker, denser looking hair in 4 weeks, my hair does feel ‘more’ but does it look it? I will leave that to you to judge from the pictures. What it did do is decrease breakage and hair fall drastically. I could tell from brushing my hair and also from no longer having a clump in the drain each time I washed it. I have also noticed a surge in small short hairs at the front, does this mean regrowth? I hope so.

Overall this is not a miracle product, there is no miracle product, but I would recommend it because I have seen a difference in my hairs behaviour. I am going to keep using this product; I do feel it will only improve with time.
nioxin kit 2
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