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Follow The Natural Collection body spray trial team as they experience Green Apple, Strawberry & Vanilla Musk and get into the #SummerSpritzSA vibe


Natural Collection is a range of soft, sweet and fruity body sprays that are just what you need to elevate your summer mood to a new level. Feeling Sweet? Try a Spritz of Strawberry. Feeling Light-Hearted? How about Green Apple! Or Embrace the Temptation of Vanilla Musk if you’re in the Mood for some Summer Romancing.

This non-aerosol body spray with a gentle but effective deodorant will refresh your body and leave you with a lingering fragrance during those long, hot and fun-filled days.

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  1. It’s Natural Collection!
  2. Green Apple in the spotlight
  3. Strawberry in the fore
  4. Vanilla Musk is this week's Must

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