More Essential Oils For Anti-Aging

More essential oils for anti-aging






This essential oil is a very useful one to add to your anti-aging arsenal as well as to your medicine cabinet. It has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, so it is very useful for the treatment of skin conditions such as acne, eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis. It also has excellent skin rejuvenation capabilities, as it encourages the growth of new skin cells and helps to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles before they appear.

This essential oil has the added bonus of helping to treat anxiety and stress.patchouli oilHow to use: Patchouli must never be used undiluted, but a few drops may be added to your cream or lotion. Remember that a little goes a long way as it has quite a strong scent.

As with all essential oils, do a patch test on the inside of your arm and ensure that no allergic reaction occurs within 24 hours of application. Do not use this to treat any serious skin ailment without consulting your doctor and essential oils shouldn’t be used during pregnancy unless recommended by your doctor.

Carrot Seed Oil
This essential oil (not the pressed one used in cooking!) is high in antioxidants and vitamins. It helps to detoxify and rejuvenate mature skin and is especially helpful in treating skin conditions like dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema, as it assists in healing very dry and chapped skin. 

carrot seed oilHow to use: My favourite is to combine this oil with Rosehip seed oil and Vitamin E to create a natural skin serum.

Carrot Seed Oil is suitable for all skin types especially dry and mature skins, but should be avoided during pregnancy. Don’t use it to treat severe skin conditions without checking with your doctor and make sure you do a patch test first before using!

Apricot Kernel Oil
This oil can be used as a carrier oil, but it also has fabulous properties of its own. It is high in the essential fatty acid GLA which helps to tone and firm saggy, aging skin. It is also rich in the Vitamins A and E and jam-packed full of antioxidants. 

apricot kernel oil

How to use: You can apply this oil to your face using a cotton wool pad after cleansing and toning as a moisturiser or use as a carrier oil and add a few drops of your favourite essential oils to get even more benefits for your skin.

This essential oil is suitable for all skin types even oily skins as it is light and doesn’t leave behind an oily residue.

Lavendar Oil
My very favourite essential oil is lavender as it so versatile and has anti-aging and medicinal benefits. It can be used to lighten blemishes and dark marks and it also helps to promote skin cell regeneration. In addition, lavender oil can be used to treat a number of a skin conditions and skin sores as well as burns and sunburn because it has healing properties. 

lavender oil

How to use: this is one of the essential oils that you can use undiluted, but I prefer to add a few drops to my night cream as it not only has skin care benefits, but it also helps to relax and calm me for a good night’s sleep.

As with all essential oils, make sure you do a patch test before using it and don’t treat any serious skin conditions without checking with your doctor first. Pregnant ladies should first check with their OBGYN before using essential oils. Lavendar oil can also increase photosensitivity, so don’t use it when going out into the sun.

Article by: Maryanne Young

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