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Deeply Brunette
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I recently bought the deeply brunette products, as they were rated pretty high on the site, and being a lover of coloring my hair I felt the need to find something that protects and nourishes my hair, yet retains the salon color.

With my first wash I refused to review just yet, as I felt it was too soon to tell. Like they say the proof is in the pudding, but only once you taste it.

So, I waited a full 5 washes before i write review of my own.My hair is super long and fine but well cared for. I believe my hair is like a mane of a lion, its your pride and joy.

The smell and packaging of the product, showed the professionalism and it instantly meant John Frieda was serious about hair care as I was. I used the product three times a week as my hair oils up quick with work and all the physical activities of a day.

I found the product to brighten my hair color the brunette parts of my hair and left it less tangled than i use to have it before. My hair blow dried a lot faster and kept a lot more volume, without extra products in it compared to other products I previously used. The product left my hair feeling sleek and healthy and less damaged from the dye. the down side of the product is, my hair is 8 different shades of brunette and browns as my hair stylists loves to go Kyalami on my salon visits. She always tries a new cut and her new versions of colors to compliment my skin tone and my lifestyle. I sometimes feel she complicates my hair care and styling on a daily, but she is right my hair makes me feel great about my skin tone and complements my career.

I would definitely recommend it to others, but i wouldn't recommend it for people who have more than 3 shades in their hair. It works for some parts of color and the others are left looking slightly limp. Cost wise it is a little pricey but worth it if you spend that much on salons, for me with super long hair, it's costly as I use a lot more product than a person with short or medium length hair.

So in conclusion, the product is worth every last cent and it gives results, but it was not the product for my hair colors.

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