How does lengthening mascara work?

There are loads of lengthening mascaras on the market which all promise to make your lashes look longer- but how do they work?

First of all, it is important to realize that lengthening mascaras will not actually make your eyelashes longer, but will make them seem longer when you have applied the makeup product. Not all types of mascara work for everyone’s eyelashes but, if you have short eyelashes, then lengthening mascara may be for you.

All mascaras are made up of three main ingredients: pigments, oils and waxes. They also contain preservatives to keep them safe to use near your precious eyes for a prolonged time. Pigments give the mascara its colour, with carbon black and iron oxides being the most popular pigments for producing black and brown mascara respectively. The oils in mascaras vary widely, and help create a texture that is easy to apply. Lastly, mascaras contain waxes to give the makeup product its texture. Waterproof mascaras contain a higher quantity of wax, which makes it resistant to water.
applying mascara
Lengthening mascara contains the usual mascara ingredients, as well as short synthetic fibres. The nylon or rayon fibres attach themselves to the lashes on application and extend your natural lashes. Most lengthening mascaras also have volumizing and curl- holding properties, making your lashes look fuller and more beautifully shaped.

– Lengthening mascara can clump easily so make sure to apply it in front of a well-lit mirror, and apply no more than 2 coats.
Curling your eyelashes after application will give a dramatic effect.
– If you have sensitive skin around your eyes, test the mascara by putting a little dot on the side of your eye and leaving for an hour or so before applying it for a night out. Red and itchy eyes are not ideal when you’re out for a special occasion!

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