Makeup How To: Eyelashes 101


eyelashesEyelashes can make or break a look, and when done right can add that finishing touch to any make up look. Mascara is the most versatile makeup product as it can instantly lift dull, tired eyes, and can take you from a day look to a night look with ease. I don’t have the longest, fullest, thickest eyelashes in the world however when paired with the application method I use it ensures a winning combo.

While this method may be lengthier than your usual mascara application, it delivers the goods. You will need the correct tools in order to achieve the perfect mascara’d eyelashes, owning a good eyelash curler and knowing how to use it is half the battle won! When using an eyelash curler it’s best to heat the eyelash curler with a hairdryer, for about 5-10 seconds…make sure to perform a touch test before applying the eyelash curler to your eye area (trust me, don’t let the excitement of wanting the perfect curled eyelashes make you rush in and apply the eyelash curler to your eye area immediately…the pain that follows from the burning is no fun!). I apply the eyelash curler in 3 moves holding it for 5-10 seconds per move, 1) holding it at the base of the eyelashes, 2) the middle of the eyelashes and 3) at the tips of the eyelashes. You should apply the eyelash curler while it is still warm (just not searing hot) to your eyelash area as you want the heat from the eyelash curler to set and hold the curl in your eyelashes.

Your eyelashes should now be curled, now to add a little baby powder (yes, baby powder!) into the mix! Pour a little bit of baby powder into a tissue and dip the end of an ear bud or even a makeup brush into the baby powder and dab the baby powder onto your eyelashes, you can also sweep it over your eyelashes (however you may get excess baby powder fall out this way…to prevent this, hold a tissue underneath your eyes as you apply the baby powder to you eyelashes). The baby powder will provide added thickness and volume to your eyelashes when mascara is applied and in essence is substituting as a primer for your eyelashes. Baby powder is the perfect inexpensive mascara primer dupe!

Mascara Application

On the first mascara application, I swipe the mascara wand straight up my eyelashes so as to coat my eyelashes in mascara from root to tip. On the second and third coating of mascara, I place the mascara wand at the base of my eyelashes and slowly move the mascara wand up my eyelashes all the while moving the mascara wand in a slight left to right motion (similar to a zig zag motion) all the way up until I’ve completed pulling the mascara wand through my eyelashes. Utilising this motion will assist in depositing more mascara near the base of your eyelashes giving the illusion of thicker more lustrous eyelashes as well as separating the eyelashes. Make sure you apply mascara to your bottom eyelashes as well and an easy way to get to the tiny eyelashes on the inner part of your eye is to hold your mascara wand at a 45 degree angle and then apply the mascara. To finish, I use an old makeup mascara wand with plastic bristles (which has been cleaned and sterilized) to brush out my eyelashes, I find the finer plastic bristles separate my eyelashes better than an eyelash comb.

Take a look at the results:





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