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One of my New Year’s resolutions this year is to make more time for myself, which isn’t always easy with the organised chaos that I seem to live with most of the time.  When I organise this me-time, I definitely want to go back to having my eyebrows threaded. It is the one thing a girl can have done to her face, which gives it an instant lift! I have even been told that I look like I have been on holiday after eyebrow threading.

The lady that I use was trained in the art of eyebrow threading in India and she is excellent! She knows just what shape will suit your bone structure.  Eyebrow threading is a traditional method of hair removal and in my experience you need to go back every four weeks for a touch-up.  It is also quite cheap as there are no pricey products involved. I paid R30 a session when I was going on a regular basis last year. It has probably gone up a bit now (like most things). I got so caught up in the end of year madness that I didn’t keep up with my touch-ups. I haven’t had a chance to go back to her and I should, because my brows are definitely in need of some taming!

How does eyebrow threading work? Basically a cotton thread is rolled and twisted on the surface of the skin, catching the hairs in the thread, which are then lifted from the hair follicle. No chemicals or other harmful products are used, so it is a very environmentally friendly way of depilatory (just a fancy way of saying hair removal).
cotton thread
If you would like to try brow threading, I would recommend that you choose a beauty therapist who is highly skilled in the art. Someone who isn’t properly trained can cause in ingrown hairs, uneven, patchy brows and lots and lots of pain!

The whole procedure is extremely quick, depending on whether you would like to do only your brows or whether you also have excess facial hair to get rid of. I only ever do my brows, which takes not even ten minutes. She did my upper lip once and I nearly died, it was so painful. I know some people say that eyebrow threading is painless, and I must admit the brow area is only a bit uncomfortable, but my upper lip area is just too sensitive. She actually brought tears to my eyes. And I know a lady that has her entire face threaded. Eina!!! I use “Hush” on my “moustache” now and it is a very painless alternative.

After the brow area has been threaded, you can expect that the area may be a little red and sensitive, that is normal and should subside after a while. Don’t go applying moisturisers or other beauty products to that area for the next couple of hours, as that could allow bacteria to be introduced into the open pores.

For me brow threading is definitely my go-to method of hair removal when it comes to aiming for brow perfection. I have tried waxing, and I ended up stopping at the closest Clicks to buy an eyebrow pencil afterwards. The therapist had over-waxed my brows, so that I looked like my eyebrows were completely uneven and the one side even had a bad case of mange (urgh!). Never again!

Have you had a good or bad brow-taming experience? Have you tried eyebrow threading? What were your thoughts on this form of hair removal?

Article by: Maryanne Young http://www.beautybulletin.com/blog-directory/our-bloggers/maryanne-young


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