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CC Creams November 06, 2014 213
Clear & Correct CC Cream {Essence}
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This is my favourite Essence product of all time! Straight off the bat, it is an amazing product. The only negative thing I can say is that, if you so not use a primer, it will probably crease into any fine lines you may have on your face. However, if you use a primer you are good to go.

The formula is so so super lightweight and blendable. It is not very buildable but that is to be expected as it is a CC Cream and NOT a foundation. It is definitely perfect for a day when you don't need to cover up a lot of spots or when you aren't wearing such a heavy face - maybe a beach day seeing as Summer is fast approaching!

All in all this is my favourite Essence product out of their entire range, I adore it and I was so pleased when Beauty Bulletin sent me one as I already purchased one of my own and it was almost finished ;)

If you are wanting to use it as a foundation you can apply more product that usual and then add some concealer and powder on top - you will still be able to achieve a similar "foundation" effect even though it is a CC cream.

An overall winner for me!!!

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