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I am not over exaggerating when I say that I just got out of the shower and immediately logged onto Beauty Bulletin to post a review about this product.
Oh my goodness, I just thought I would give it a try again as I have not used it in a few months and as soon as the scrub hit my face I felt like WHY did I ever stop using this?? There is something to be said about drugstore products versus highend products which is exactly why I started purchasing Clarin's toner and face cream but when I was having a poor month I purchased this Tea Tree Oil and Cucumber Face Scrub and Moisturiser and they have been two of my favourite most loved products I have ever purchased.
Firstly the scrub smells incredible. It is a fresh clean smell and not an over powering scent as some tea tree products can be, and the cucumber leaves your face refreshed and with absolutely no tightness whatsoever.
Secondly, when they say it contains microbeads, it REALLY contains microbeads. More often than not I find my scrubs microbeads are more megabeads and they stick in your hairline which is not so cute.

All in all this scrub leaves you smelling good, your face feels 100% refreshed, cleansed, and as I said, not tight AT ALL. You can also incorporate it into your high end skin care routine if you are like myself who prefers a bit more pricey toner and face cream but cannot justify spending R350 on a face scrub.
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