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Body Moisturizers June 13, 2012 166
Sh'zen Perfect Endings Cellular Boost for Neck & Bust
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This product has a stunning fragrance and if for that alone, I'd use it as a moisturiser, but it is so much more. Sh'zen Cellular Boost is specifically created for the delicate neck and bust area, where elasticity tends to fail us all after a certain age.
I found it to be moisture-rich and it has a sexy smell (pamplemousse for those that don't know = grapefruit) that lingers a while, but does not interfere with your perfume. You don't want something on your neck area that's so overpowering you can’t smell your own Armani!
I noticed less deep lines on my décolletage area and my breasts felt softer and firmer. Your neck will thank you for using this product as it irons out fine lines and leaves your age a bit of a mystery. Please don't forget to use it on the back of your neck too! (No sense having a smooth, young looking neck in front and an old, wrinkly neck at the back!)
It is a bit on the pricey side, but if you can hold out for a special, it is often sold as 2 for 1 as it is an enormously popular Sh'zen product. So, watch out for that special and stock up!
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