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Styling Tools November 23, 2016 200
The Secret Is Out - Babyliss Twist Secret
(Updated: November 28, 2016)
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When I received the package from Beauty Bulletin I was very excited because if you've seen me on the BB website before, you'll know I love creating hair videos and experimenting with hairstyles. I loved the little box in which the product came because it's very convenient for travel if you love creating hairstyles on the go.

I tried making my video as short as possible, however that just could not happen because there are endless possibilities and I ended up creating 4 different hairstyles with this!

It's very easy to use and convenient. Push the power lever up once and it twists your strands, push it down and it braids the hair.

I think people who love experimenting with hairstyles will love this product.

The only cons that I could point out was that it had a screwdriver attachment at the back which was a nightmare to remove and my dad had to come to the rescue. This is only a bummer because when you need to change out the batteries you need to have a screwdriver available. The other con was that you can only put tiny strands of hair into the machine for smaller braids but this isn't that bad and it's still a pretty nifty gadget!

Thanks to Beauty Bulletin for sending the Babyliss to me to review, please like & subscribe if you enjoyed the video.

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4 x Easy Braid Hairstyles | Babyliss Twist Secret Review & Demo
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