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Avon Clear Skin Pore Penetrating Black Mineral Mask
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I’ve never had much restraint when it comes to browsing through the Avon Brochure, and Brochure 10 was no exception. I was hooked on this novel face mask and at R32.50 just had to give it a try.

The mask forms part of Avons Clear Skin range, this range offers every teen to early 20 year olds need to care for their skin. I was sceptical as always when trying new products due to the sensitive nature of my skin, but after reading that this mask is dermatologically tested I was put more at ease. The packaging is neat and exactly as seen in the brochure.

The mask is very affordable at R32.50 for a 75ml, which will last ages as only a thin layer is needed on the skin. The product comes in a black and dark grey tube with green and white writing. The combination of colours used is very striking and make the product stand out. The tube has a clear flip lid dispenser. The mask is a black/dark grey colour and has a pudding or paste consistency. The tube comes in a rectangular boxed in the same combination of colours.

The mask is easy to apply and smoothes on with ease. Very little is needed upon application as the formula smoothes out evenly onto skin without feeling tacky or heavy. If any get onto your hair or clothing it easily washes off with staining, this was great as I spilt a huge blob onto my top and worried if it would stain. The mask contains a Mineral Complex which absorbs 400% of its weight in skin’s pore-clogging oils.

It’s a deep cleansing clay mask that helps remove impurities, pore-clogging dirt and oil without drying out skin. This pore-penetrating mask contains an oil-absorbing blend of mineral clays that attracts and effectively removes pore-clogging oil like a magnet. The formula provides a cooling sensation and leaves skin feeling clean, soft and smooth. It’s dermatologically tested and non-comedogenic which makes it suitable for every skin type.

The magic begins once the mask is on! It goes on black and within 10-15 minutes turns grey; this is when it’s time to wash off with some warm water. As the mask turns to grey, it stiffens on your skin making it slightly uncomfortable to speak or make sudden facial movements. Thicker areas will take longer than 15 minutes to turn grey. Once the grey areas are moistened they turn black again, so the colour change is merely the product once dry and not an indication of the un-clogging properties.

I’ve used my mask twice now and am so chuffed with the results! My skin has not broken out and I’ve had no reaction to the mask besides clearer looking skin. Definitely one product on my continuous Avon purchase list.
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June 08, 2014
Great review! Helpful pix!
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