Bio Oil Article ImageWe share our favourite beauty hacks using local hero product Bio-Oil...

If you suffered from post-preggie belly stretch marks or scarring from an unfortunate childhood experiment in just how high you could swing, Bio-Oil was undoubtedly the treatment recommended by everyone and their pet dog.

Today, this humble salmon-coloured skincare oil is a cult classic, slathered on celebrities the likes of Khloé Kardashian, and winner of beauty accolades in countries as diverse as Poland, Thailand and the Philippines.

The Bio-Oil Backstory

The product of a decade’s worth of research by chemist Dieter Beier, Bio-Oil launched in SA in 1987 and soon became a local beauty hero. In 2002, the brand entered the global market and quickly earned a reputation for being a surefire antidote to scars and stretch marks, in twenty different countries.

What’s in the bottle?

A combination of plant extracts and vitamins promoting skin regeneration suspended in a blend of mineral and plant oils, Bio-Oil is chock-full of beauty goodness. Breakthrough ingredient PurCellin Oil is what keeps Bio-Oil light in texture to ensure all the good stuff is easily absorbed.

Bio-Oil Beauty Hacks
There are more ways to incorporate this versatile beauty into your beauty regimen than are listed on the label…

1. Makeup Primer
Smooth on a few drops before your foundation to create a dewy glow without oily streakiness.

2. Eyeshadow Enhancer
Mix powder or pigment eyeshadows with Bio-Oil for a runway-inspired ‘wet look.’ Bio-Oil is much less likely to move all over your face like messy Vaseline.

3. Blending Buddy
Got a lip or cheek stain that dries before you have a chance to blend it out? Dot a few drops of Bio-Oil on top to make blending a breeze.

4. Sunburn Soother
The natural botanicals in Bio-Oil hold in moisture and coax scorched skin back into tip-top condition.

5. Cuticle Protector
Massage into cuticles and nails to keep them healthy and strong.

6. Weave Wonder-worker
Rub a few drops of Bio-oil between your palms and run your hands through the ends of your weave for a moisture boost.

7. Scalp Saviour
Soothe a scratchy scalp by adding a few drops of Bio-Oil to your shampoo to reduce itching and flaking.

BB beauties, care to share YOUR best Bio-Oil beauty hacks? Leave your answers below…

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