Just when we are all finally sort of, getting the hang of contouring and highlighting the make up gods decide that it is so last year and enter the new makeup craze STROBING. I love makeup and I follow makeup trends quite avidly. I find makeup absolutely fascinating and I have learnt quite a lot from YouTube, so when I came across this old/new technique on one of my favourite YouTube channels, I was highly intrigued; I searched the WWW for pictures of “Strobers” and all the images I found were of ethereal looking faces. I decided right there and then that I needed this Strobing, and so my “research” started.

Strobing actually gets its name from Strobe Lights, yes those bright lights at night clubs that pierce the darkness, so effectively what the makeup technique is doing, is bringing light to your face. Strobing is placing illuminators on your face where the light would naturally touch your face to bring those features forward but the trick is get the light to look like you are glowing from within. This technique also makes you appear more youthful which is definitely bonus!

Could this technique be used on any skin type? Well yes and no, if you have very oily skin the last thing you need is to be placing something very shiny on face, as by 10am you could possibly look like a chip fryer. However, these clever make-up artists have devised ways to make it work for all skin types, for oily skin they strongly recommend using a mattifying primer and foundation then applying your illuminator, for combination skin to avoid placing the illuminator on your forehead and for dry skin this technique would be the most perfect, as it makes your skin more luminous and gives you that healthy glow.

The Technique

On a moisturised and primed face you will place your liquid or cream Illuminators, on the points of the face where the light would naturally touch your face - the high points of your cheek bones, forehead, bridge of the nose, tip of the nose (go easy here) cupid’s bow, tear duct area and chin – a little goes a long way with the products I have recommended. You will then use the foundation that works best with your skin; for oily skin use a mattifying foundation or a cream to powder foundation, dry skin use a moisturising foundation and for combination skin use a water based foundation.

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Recommended Products

1. Revlon PhotoReady Skin Lights Face Illuminator (R55 on sale, leading pharmacies) there are different colour variations make sure you test to find the colour for your skin tone as too dark a colour would end up looking like a bronzer. According to Revlon this primer has light capturing technology and it banishes dull skin and brings “a-lit-within” look.
2. L’Oréal Lumi Magique Primer (R169; leading pharmacies) this product has a satin finish to it; it comes in a pump which I like as it’s easier to dispense. I really enjoyed using this product as it was not heavy on my skin.
3. Mac Strobe Cream (R380, MAC counters) this cream is made for strobing, I found the consistency to be very thick, and a LITTLE here goes a very long way, go easy with this product. Also, if you just want to achieve that “dewy” look you can mix this with your foundation it gives your skin that healthy dewy look.
4. Mac Global Glow Mineralize Skin Finish (R350, MAC counters) I love this powder for highlighting, it does not leave you looking like a Disco ball but it gives you a nice iridescent finish.
5. NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Pigments (R50, leading pharmacies) this pigment for me was absolutely ideal for strobing as it gives you that satin finish.
6. L’Oréal Illuminating Powder, (R45 on sale; leading pharmacies) this powder gives a very subtle glow so if you are just starting out and are not wanting to go full on with Strobing, I suggest you get this powder it also mattifies areas where you need it to and it catches the light ever so slightly.

Tips and Tricks

Please make sure you put a small amount on the tip of your nose, you honestly don’t want to have a shiny nose - it’s not pretty. For oily skin and combination skin a little bit of translucent powder on the problem areas will help with the excess oil and of course carry some blotting paper, there is no shame in blotting that oil away! I have found that a more neutral makeup look goes best with this highlighting technique, and a heavy Smokey eye takes away from this look - I prefer to keep the eye neutral and you can play with bold colours more on your lips.

Happy #Strobing

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