Aquafresh Pure White

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It’s time to meet your smile’s soul mate! #GentleIsRealStrength

Are you ready for a long-term relationship that promises to keep you smiling? Meet your new bathroom bae: Aquafresh Pure White.

Your smile speaks volumes for you before a word even leaves your mouth, so we understand that having a healthy, naturally-white smile that is protected and strengthened by your toothpaste is the goal. Quick-fix whitening products are notorious for damaging enamel, causing painful tooth sensitivity that simply isn’t worth the whiteness.

That’s where Aquafresh Pure White comes in.


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It’s true strength is in it’s gentleness – no enamel damaging here! Aquafresh Pure White might make the perfect partner for you if you’re looking for a toothpaste that provides a balance of protection AND whitening. Unlike other enamel-damaging whitening products, Aquafresh Pure White restores, polishes, and protects teeth gently, yet effectively.


With continuous use, it restores your smile to its natural-white beauty without compromising the strength of your teeth! #GentleIsRealStrength


The #GentleIsRealStrength Challenge

We’ve recruited 250 brushers and their similarly smile-concerned partners to put Aquafresh Pure White to the test.





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