#WhitenTeethLikeAProWithColgate Project Wrap Up

Whether you’re concerned about the safety of using teeth whitening products or you’re not sure where to start, Colgate has got you covered. Colgate Optic White Expert is clinically proven to whiten teeth in just 5 days* and has the power to remove both intrinsic AND surface stains! It has a breakthrough formula with a professional ingredient used by dentists and gives you naturally brighter and whiter teeth so you can confidently face each day with a bright smile.

We recruited 100 Bright Smilers who want to #WhitenTeethLikeAProWithColgate Optic White Expert. They wanted access to professional teeth whitening ingredients without having to go all the way to the dentist and we wanted them to put Colgate Optic White Expert to the test and to share their PRO tips. See below to find out what they had to say.

See their post rollouts below:

Week One’s Story 

Our Team Bright Smiles introduced the new Colgate Optic White Expert formula in high quality feed posts showing off their new professional whitening ingredients that they will be testing in the comfort of their own homes.

Team Bright Smiles told their followers about how excited they were to sample the newly formulated toothpaste – With its professional ingredients created to not only thoroughly clean teeth on the surface but also within.

In week one, they were asked to speak about the benefits of the Colgate Optic White Expert toothpaste and educate their followers throughout the project of these benefits and the importance of oral care.

Week Two’s Story

In week two, our Team Bright Smiles gave us a peek into their morning routines as they took us along for some great “Get Ready With Me” content.

Our REALfluencers really dove into their morning routines, unpacking the benefits of Colgate Optic White when used properly. They spoke about the effect of Colgate Optic White over just five days, inviting their followers to follow and join the conversation if they were interested in achieving similar results!

The “Get Ready With Me” videos really got us hooked, while we waited in anticipation for the Educational E-vent post in week 3.

Week Three’s Story

We knew how much you love coffee and so do we, but there’s a catch! It turns out that coffee also causes stained teeth along with many other things!

In week three, we’ve tasked Team Bright Smiles with bringing the education to YOU. They’ve created fun and educational reels about all of the things that can stain your teeth, but they also brought the solution: Colgate Optic White Expert of course!

A toothpaste that offers you professional ingredients used by dentists, with advanced polishing technology that is safe to use twice a day and recommended by dentists.

Not only did the team drop amazing educational content, they also dropped a great competition for all of their followers, inviting them to enter the competition where they stood a chance to win a Colgate Optic White Expert hamper so their followers could achieve these amazing results at HOME!

Week Four’s Story

Let the results speak for themselves! Week four was all about the Team and their Bright Smiles, literally! The team posted an UNFILTERED selfie on their bright, bold and proud smiles and it was a wonderful demonstration of their confidence since they’ve incorporated Colgate Optic White in their everyday routines.

They shared their honest feedback on how they found the toothpaste, its flavour, its breakthrough formula and most importantly, how it made them feel. They invited their followers to try out the Colgate Optic White for themselves to achieve bright smiles in the comfort of their own home.

About Colgate Optic White Expert:

Colgate Optic White Expert is the breakthrough for at home teeth whitening, giving you a naturally whiter and brighter smile from the comfort of your own home. This revolutionary Colgate toothpaste is specially formulated with a professional whitening ingredient used by dentists and is clinically proven to whiten teeth and remove stains. The unique, dual-action formula thoroughly cleans the surface of your teeth leaving them feeling whiter in just 5 days (when used twice daily), AND it also cleans your teeth internally to remove stubborn stains. It’s the breakthrough for healthy, natural white teeth you’ll want  to share.

For more reviews and information on this product CLICK HERE 

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