Introducing Hoity Toity’s Hot New Glo’Up

#TheHoityToityGloUp Project

We recruited 100 Hoity Toity GRLS and their GRL Gangs to show you what Hoity Toity’s Glo’Up is all about. They’re sassy, classy, Kanye-confident, and they’re breaking out their hottest lewks to glo’up Hoity Toity-style. But that’s not all… they also battled it out for your votes! #HoityToityGloUp 

The Trial Team

These REALfluencers are boujee, fragrance-obsessed boss GRLs that love to enter the room only to leave people wondering “WHO’S THAT GRL?”

Week One’s Story: 

Our REALfluencers showed off their sassy, stylish looks inspired by Hoity Toity’s HOT NEW Glo’ Up in stylised feed posts and dynamic Reels. They really enjoyed creating content with Hoity Toity that gave them the opportunity to show off their polished styling skills and unique personalities. 

Many of the REALfluencers associated Hoity Toity with fond high school memories, and all of them loved Hoity Toity’s boujee new packaging. They were super excited to have Hoity Toity back in their lives.

Week Two’s Story: 

REALfluencers showed off their love for Hoity Toity’s new packaging by creating Glo’ Up-inspired Instagram Reels and videos with the help of their bestie girl gangs. They raved about the wide variety of fragrances available in the Hoity Toity Perfume Body Spray range, and how well each variant can be paired with multiple showstopping looks for every occasion.

Followers had the opportunity to engage by choosing their favourite REALfluencer looks for a chance to win their own Hoity Toity Glo’ Up hampers.

About Hoity Toity’s NEW Look

Hoity Toity has a HOT NEW GLO’UP! Hoity Toity is a hot range of Perfume Body Sprays and Eau de Parfums for sassy, unapologetic boss GRLs that know what they want and aren’t afraid to go get it! A fragrance for every occasion, mood & outfit… And *drum roll, pls* 🥁 They’ve had a HOT NEW GLO’UP! Now their vibe matches yours so you can slay with confidence. #HoityToityGloUp

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