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Listerine Advanced White Multi-Action Mouthwash

Available from all leading retailers and pharmacies

Available online from


R49.95 – 250ml

R74.95 - 500ml



Beauty Bulletin selected 50 BB Beauties and their friends to use Listerine Advanced White Multi-Action Mouthwash for two weeks. 

Listerine Advanced White Multi-Action Mouthwash

Listerine Advanced White Multi Action Mouthwash



Listerine® Advanced White Multi-Action Mouthwash uses a non-abrasive, polyphosphate technology to whiten teeth in two weeks.

The mouthwash creates a protective shield to help prevent future stains from forming. It contains three essential oils that kill germs and freshen breath.


“The Listerine Advanced White Mouthwash is definitely my go to product now for whiter and brighter teeth and it should definitely be part of everyone's daily beauty regime.” - MariPet11

“I have enjoyed using this mouth wash because I could see my teeth getting whiter and cleaner in just 3 days of starting with it.” – Pumlab

“So I am finally on my second week of my Listerine 2 Weeks to Whiter Teeth journey and I am impressed. Although I do not have the pearly whites I wished for just yet, I can definitely see a difference” – Cathee

“I've been using this lovely product for a week and 3 days and can definitely notice a change in colour! I'm super impressed with the results so far, and LOVE how clean my teeth feels after using this product every morning and evening.” – Tarsha

“A week into this challenge and I'm so impressed with not only how much whiter my teeth looks, but how clean my mouth feels all day!!” – Yuvthi

“I have recommended this product to my family and friends and I will definitely buy it again. This is an essential item to have as part of your beauty routine especially if you drink a lot of coffee, coke or have some other bad habits which will stain your teeth. – AngelPather

“The difference might not be visible much as of yet, but there is a slight improvement, I think I'll carry on using this product a while longer. I would definitely recommend it to my friends!”- Busi_SK

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