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Products tested: Tampax Compak

Reviewers: 90 women were chosen to put Tampax Compak to the test in their hectic 9-to-5 lifestyles. Each received a Tampax Compak Multipack, containing both super and regular applicator tampons.

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Beauty Bulletin says:

The Tampax Compak applicator is a smoooooth operator and so convenient. The colourful sweetie wrapper-like packaging is so cute and discreet. We also love the fact that the Tampax Compak Multipack caters to your changing needs across that time of the month by including both super and regular tampons.

You say:

"I love them! They go in sooo easy and it doesn't hurt one bit!  And you don't even feel it... at all. Its like your not even on your period. You forget about the drag of having your monthlies and enjoy life more."

- Marizka            Read more

"The packaging is cute and you don't have to hide them cos they look like sweet wrappers."

-Nqobile             Read more

"They are ideal for girls like myself who hate lugging around giant handbags, or bags at all. They fit comfortably into the smaller zipper compartments of my handbag and into my purse."

- Ursula             Read more

"I have to admit, I have never used an applicator before, and I was rather apprehensive. What I had seen before from other brands was huge contraptions, which looked like a prop used in a Fifty shades of Grey novel and it terrified me and put me off. However, when I used this, it was so easy to insert, no big drama, and it didn't hurt at all"

- Nazley           Read more


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