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Products tested: SKYN condoms (R 26.99 for a 2-pack; major retailers like Clicks and Dis-Chem)

Reviewers: 100 adventurous BBs took the plunge and put SKYN condoms to the test, filling out an anonymous survey on their experiences. SKYN condoms are 100% latex-free and super-soft, leading many to describe them as 'the closest thing to wearing nothing.'

96 participants rated SKYN condoms on their experience, fit, lubrication, durability, flavour, texture and packaging:

Terrible Below-average Average Very good Excellent


2.30% 1.0% 7.29% 39.58% 45.83%


1.15% 2.30% 11.49% 31.03% 50.57%


1.15% 0.00% 2.30% 26.44% 68.97%


1.15% 0.00% 17.24% 18.39% 18.39%


1.15% 0.00% 3.45% 22.99% 71.26%


0.00% 0.00% 6.90% 19.54% 72.41%



96 % of Insiders thought the condoms had a more natural feel. "It was a very natural feeling and I will be supporting the brand."

85 % of BBs said it felt as if their partner was not wearing a condom. "These condoms are the best, we both didn't feel like he was wearing anything.

94 % found sex more stimulating with SKYN condoms. "I have never felt another condom like these ones. They are just perfect."

97 % preferred the non-latex material to traditional latex. "I was quite taken aback by the smooth feeling, no roughness or scraping like I've experienced with the other brand I use."

98 % would recommend SKYN to their friends. "A friend of mine is allergic to latex, so I will definitely recommend SKYN to her."

98 % would purchase SKYN condoms again. "I think you have a fan for life ;)"

Final Comments

 "I don't have to worry about my daughter seing the box beacause it is discreet."

"I liked that it didn't give off a bad latex odour afterwards."

"Pity there were only 2 in the packet."

Thank you to all the Insiders who took part in the survey! If these glowing reviews are anything to go by, SKYN is set to become SA women's best bedroom buddy.


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