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Shield MotionSense™ Aerosol (R28.95 at Clicks, Dis-Chem and major retailers nationwide)
Shield Motionsend™ Roll-On  (R28.95 at Clicks, Dis-Chem and major retailers nationwide)


We invited 140 BB fitness fanatics and fitness guru’s to put the NEW Shield MotionSense™ to the test. The trial results are in and this is how they rated the world’s 1st anti-perspirant activated by movement.

Shield MotionSense™ Aerosol
star 4.6
Shield MotionSense™ Roll-On
star 4.4


Shield MotionSense is the world’s first anti-perspirant activated by movement. With MotionSense technology, these deodorants have tiny microcapsules that burst when active by friction, releasing freshness when you need it the most. The MORE YOU MOVE, THE HARDER IT WORKS!


Shield MotionSense™ Aerosol:

“I have used both roll-on and spray anti-perspirant for two weeks but have, to be honest, that after the first day I was already impressed. It is definitely long-lasting protection that bursts with fragrance as you move.” – Monika Human

“This roll-on keeps me fresh all day long, living up to its 48hour protection promise, giving me the confidence to move around and exercise…an excellent combination of beauty and fitness!” - Marianne Williams

“The fundamental positive of this product, it definitely keeps you fresh. and it works overtime!!!! Not 24hours, but 48hours. “- Delmaine Van Niekerk

“I had been seeing the TV ads about the fact that it keeps you fresh and responds to movement, I remember thinking yeah right, how is that possible?... I am very impressed with the product and have already bought one to use next.” - Mpume Ncube

“I was sceptical at first, but as I was training at the gym I kept on smelling the freshness. I was confident the entire time I was training. This is definitely for those always on the move.” - Charlotte

“Shield Is a Product that we are using at home so everyone won’t have a problem to go for the Motionsense.”- Olgah Sigudla

Shield MotionSense™ Roll-On:

“I absolutely love Shield MotionSense, IT IS AMAZING and really does keep me fresh and confident even though I'm on the move ALL DAY, EVERY DAY.” - Sirajunnisa

“Wow Shield has amazed me this time. I have been looking for a roll-on like this, now I have confidence at the office because I know this product won’t let me down” - Annadine

“Once you're in the gym this product really gets to show off. There's no lingering scent mixed with sweat, you smell as fresh as when you applied it that morning.” - Gabriella Clementi

“It dries out very quickly and leaves no stains. The packaging is very nice and beautiful bright colours.” - Senzi

“I've been walking and jogging at least 5 days a week since October last year and sweat quite heavily, so the roll-on has been an unexpected surprise smelling like flowers after a run!” - Hayley Pfeifer

Watch why Monika Human #MoveWithShield 

BB Beauties, tell us what you think of Shield MotionSense below:

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