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1) Rehidrat Oral Electrolyte Mixture

(R11.95 at Clicks, Dis-Chem and selected pharmacies)

Available in the following flavours:
· Vanilla
· Orange
· Blackcurrant

2) Rehidrat Sport Hydration Powders
(R11.95 at Clicks, Dis-Chem and selected pharmacies)

Available in the following flavours:
· Lemon & Lime
· Naartjie


16 BB influencers and 4 bloggers, those 4 being a mom blogger, beauty blogger, travel blogger and fitness blogger bought Rehidrat to use for 2 weeks.

Rehidrat Oral Electrolyte Mixture


Rehidrat Sport Hydration Powders



Dehydration can often be cured by just drinking water, however if the body gets to a place where it is dehydrated due to losing bodily fluids, then it is advised to take Rehidrat to help replace the electrolytes that have been lost.


“I really think Rehidrat should be something everyone keeps inside their first aid kit, handbag, hiking pack and even in your car glove box. You really never know when you or someone else might need it.” – Carlinn, Rehidrat Oral Electrolyte Mixture –

“Since my children were babies, we have always had Rehidrat at home to assist with Rehydration during bouts of tummy bugs and other nasty incidences of runny tummies etc.”- Janet Perry, Rehidrat Oral Electrolyte Mixture-

“Some days are just so busy that the time flies and you get to the end of the day and realize you have had much too little fluids. REHIDRAT saves the day! Just mix one sachet with a cup of (filtered or distilled) water and you'll feel a lot better.” -Celeste Everitt, Rehidrat Oral Electrolyte Mixture-

“The easily dissolvable powder, sinks in to 250ml of water to make a potent mixture which replaces the much needed electrolytes in your body. The drink replenishes your energy as well as hydrates you.”- Laila, Rehidrat Oral Electrolyte Mixture-

“Rehidrat contains an optimal balance of sugars, salts and minerals that replenish lost fluids and help prevent and treat dehydration and electrolyte depletion. No artificial preservatives, colourants or sweeteners have been added to the formula.”- Candice Kannemeyer, Rehidrat Sport Hydration Powders-

“Since I've started using the Rehidrat Sport Naartjie flavour, I have more energy. I get home and have a spring in my step. I'm more active now as well. My normal step count per day is about 6000, but I've gone so far as to increase it to 10 000 steps without getting tired.” –Jasmine, Rehidrat Sport Hydration Powders–

“It really is effective in providing sufficient hydration and restoring electrolytes. Although it says on the pack to mix one sachet with 250ml water, I prefer to mix 2 sachets in 300ml of water to provide a better taste” -Samantha Diamond, Rehidrat Sport Hydration Powders-

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