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LUX™ Soft Touch Beauty Bar (100g retails for R5.99; 175g retails for R11.99.)

Available at all major retailers.


We selected 30 BB Beauties to review the LUX™ Soft Touch Beauty Bar. These thirsty lovely ladies unleashed their inner goddess with LUX™ Soft Touch Beauty Bar and shared their experiences through a written or video review.



When it comes to beauty bars, it does not get more iconic than LUX™. LUX™ has been bringing the best of beauty and the pleasures to every woman in the world. With fine fragrance and irresistible skin being an essential element of a woman’s ritual, LUX™ brings beauty and pleasure to every bath and shower. You experience a world class fragrance and irresistible skin with LUX™ Soft Touch Beauty Bar.


“At times I really struggle with dry skin issues or soaps don't agree with my skin and then I get these dry skin patches. But after a few washes using the Lux Soft Touch bar I really didn't feel any dry patches my skin felt soft and smooth, and not to mention the most amazing scent on my skin true luxury.” - Nooreen Agherdien

“When my LUX Soft Touch bars arrived, I had the office in a spin because they all wanted to know what smelled so fabulous, and I have to agree, LUX Soft Touch has a soothing, floral fragrance that is uplifting and refreshing. As I have come to expect with LUX products, this beauty bar left my skin feeling soft and smooth and gave me a noticeable radiance that was commented on more than once.
LUX Soft Touch beauty bar is a Luxurious product that's priced well and will not disappoint. I love it.” - Candice Scrooby

“My Mom introduced to Lux when I was growing up and I have since Fallen in love with it… My skin feels softer and the scent is just amazing. My Husband is not much into scented bar soaps, but he was taken by this one. We are now a LUX family. LUX has never disappointed when it comes to bar soaps and I am in love.” - Mokgadi

“I want to be able to bath and NOT have to dose myself with perfume to smell good throughout the day and with this Soft Touch LUX soap, I find myself not having to. It is so smooth and decadent on my skin and it doesn't stop once the water drains from the bath.” - Megan Hall

Have a look at Names, video below

Tell us what you think of LUX™ Soft Touch Beauty Bar in the comments below BB Beauties. 

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