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Finishing Spray not Setting Spray
The mistake the most people include me make with this product is that we think it’s a setting spray. I initially thought that product was a meant to...

KokiP is friends with _Makeup_Euphoria_

Go To Foundation
This product works great as a daily foundation. It lasts about 3 months of daily use. I have purchased at least 5 of these in my life. The only...

Gloss end gets finished faster
This product was very pigmented however you do need to reapply the gloss side throughout the day. This means that it will get finished before the...

Great Pigmentation but lacking in Mattes
I think the pigmentation on the shimmers in this pallet. However there is not enough shadows. 3 matte shadows in a 12 pan pallet is not a good...

_Makeup_Euphoria_ reviewed Mitchum Range 1 month ago

Expensive but very effective
This product is on the pricing end however it works greats and keeping you try odor free





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