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_zesty_zen_ Hi ladies im new and honoured to be joining ? my instagram account is @_zesty_zen_
Comet Heyyyy juss joined so excited for this new experience
Mbizeni Hay guys I am new. Can’t wait to connect with you❤️
@Zama28 Hy ladies I'm so excited to be here I can't wait to get products and give review back you can follow me on Instagram Azanianene☺
_justleh1995 Hi guys I'm new here and I can't wait to get products to review. Please follow me on my Insta page @_justleh
_justleh1995 Hi guys I'm new here and I cant
substancex Hey guys I just joined and hope i have a great time ??
Boitumelodijoe Hi guys I've just joined how do I get to get products in order to review them.
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LaSammy Hey guys. I would like to do reviews, how do I go about with that?
Balepile Hey ladies ! I’m new here , I’m excited to apart of this . Let’s work together IG @oh.boity
Kesley-Ann Hey guys❤️ I’m new to BB but I’m so excited to work and connect with you all, this is my insta @_mari.monroe_
Petela Hi guys, I'm new here. I hope we'll gel perfectly
Sihle1 Hi guy can we please follow each other on insta I'm Shezi. Sihle.3
Sihle1 Hi guys I'm new here can you please help
Mello_Dimple Hello mamitas I'm excited to be a part of BBCommunity group I'm a newbie, let's chat and follow each other @mamimoffet on Twitter.
Gqetywa Hey beauties I'm new here and so excited to be here as well
ReitumetseM Hey loves, i am super excited to ve a part of the BB fam.. lets connect @Simplyreitumetse IG
RM Let us show each other love by following each other on our social media accounts. Twitter: sashaslayzz and Instagram: reeyah_m ❤I surely follow back.
RM Hey beauties?
Onpoint Hi there
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zimasa0408 Hi, I am new too
Nhlanhla.ngwaqa I'm new here, we can like and add each other
Nhlanhla.ngwaqa New here?
Cleandra Good morning everyone ? I am fresh and new to BB and excited to be apart. Please do add me as a friend here on BB and take a peak for more on instagram @biracialgirl.x
BatsoRams Hey guys, I’m new here. Let’s add each other as friends on BB
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@Zama28 hey everyone i just joined kindly please follow me on instagram @Azanianene
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@YourGirlSib Hi everyone..just recently joined BB.. So exited
iamlilitha Greetings everyone,I just joined beauty bulletin. You can follow me on Instagram and Twitter @iamlilitha,hope you will like my content.
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I've been using the visibly clear correct and perfect complexion scrub coz I'm pregnant and my melanin is over popping(discolouration) lol, I also... Show more

Since I transitioned to natural hair in March 2018 I have been using organics products, I use the shampoo for normal hair and conditioner for dry... Show more

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