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NokuthulaZ Hi guys!
NokuthulaZ Hi guys
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Essence_ All about Matt is a jewel
A affordable powder and sets like magic!!! Yaaas, it a great setting powder and makes the skin matt just as required. Leaves the skin in a great...

Ingram's Moisture Plus-Winter Wonder
I normally add glycerin to my body lotions, something my friend pass on to me and i was happy to see that ingram's now have a product with onset...

If not LA girl... Nothing is right
LA girl Pro HD concealer, is the best in my books, I tried a lot of concealers but nothing measures to it because it blends very well and the brush...

LBD- All time afforadable favourite
I love the Avon-little black dress because of how affordable it is and it is a beautiful elegant scent. I would recommend it to anyone, especially...

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