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IAm_MissZee Hey everyone... So like what more do I have to do to receive stuff from the project I join? It's been a year now ?
Joseph.Nathasha Just registered. Excited to kick off
ammaarahwydeman Just registered. Looking forward to doing reviews ?
KokiiM Guys how many followers do you need to receive stuff because wow?? your girl has been joining every project but hasn't received nything
nozukod43 Literally just signed up.
Prvdence heat wave!!!!
themayerswife Hello everyone, I am new to Beauty Bulletin
tzar Hi all
noelle_pillay_gtv Also visit my profile or follow me on Instagram @Noelle_pillay_gtv
noelle_pillay_gtv Good morning beauties, have a blessed tuesday.
Thineca Hey Ladies, I joined Beauty Bulletin few months ago and have not been active. Im excited to a part of this platform and hope to grow with all you ladies. Im also very excited to share advise on natural hair and also learn from you guys as well.
LeeMajikija Any really good products for damaged and brittle Afros?
LeeMajikija Morning beauts??
Berrybabe7 Hi lovelies. So good to be back ☀️ And extremely excited to see everyone’s reviews on the new Vaseline lippies and Gliss products ?
BeautybyGem I have been using the Gliss intense therapy range for a week now and my hair has never been healthier! I can honestly say that my hair is softer and smells delicious too! I am so glad that I’m a part of this campaign
Daddy It's great to be back
Anezwa_ It's good to be back ❤️
Anezwa_ Hey beauts, wishing each and everyone of you love and light this coming festive ,❤️❤️?
forever_mische Hello to all my beauties :) looking forward to all the advise can't wait to start trying new products :)
Dragonette BB is awesome, informative and fun. I'm loving it.:
Marieks Live chat was great
Wandils Love the BB♡ So excited to be part of this!
Shafeeqah01 I just joined. Super excited to be apart of this ???
Ahlume I'm so excited that I joined the BB fan?
T-twice Hey,I'm new.. excited to be part of this?
Brittany04 Hi there , I’ve just joined Beauty Bulletin , I’m so excited to start this journey !!!
Beautythingsbyamy I’ve just joined and I can’t wait to start the journey with Beauty Bulletin ❤️❤️
SimoneSoupen Loving this brand its left my hair so nourished
Nundkumar GlissGroup♥️
TaufeeqahM Hi beauties! So happy to be apart of the #blissofglisssa project and I hope to be apart of many more
Samantha20418 Hi. I just joined and I am excited to see the reviews of different products and to see what I can use instead...
Henrique Masasu
Ashleigh26 Hi just joined BB. Can not wait to try new products and make some friends! :)
YayaCoco Greetings All the Beauties, Looking forward for great reviews and collaborations ❤️
MystiqueMUA Hey beauts, just joined the BB community and I’m super excited to join in on all the fun with everyone
Caroline.N Hey hey ladies I am Caroline and I just joined BB I hope it is going to be a good journey with you ladies
Tarynn Hey guys I’m new to BB and really excited about the journey ahead . Sharing new reviews with beautiful ladies all around ?? x
NeliswaSithole_ Vaseline project ❤️
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Gliss Hair Repair Schwarzkopf
I love the smell of the product ? It left my hair feeling soft, silky and smooth! I can definitely feel a drastical repair in my tips. The 3 step...

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