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Cala sponge
Cala is definitely a dupe to the high end make up brushes. I love thee brushes as well n the sponge is amazing. It blends effortlessly n it doesn't...

Avon lippies
These lipsticks are just everything I recently purchased them and I'm so inlove They are truly so affordable and it's quality is just amazing...

My new Bae
This perfume is quite reasonable for its price It's smells really good coz my bottle is almost empty I use it almost everyday It lasts all day And...

LA girl
Omg this concealer is just incredible I literally have like 100s of them Haha jk I have alot tho coz it's absolutely the bomb. Com I love how it's...

Absolutely inlove with this. Wear it for every girls night out It smells heavenly My bottle is almost finish definitely getting another!!





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