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Focus on Flawless
The product comes in a convenient airless pump bottle that makes dispensing mess-free and simple. It comes with a synthetic brush for application. I...

Focus on Flawless Facial Care
I have been using the oil capsules for about three weeks now. I use them in conjunction with Environ's Revival Masque. I use one capsule over my...

My Take-One-Item-To-An-Island Product
How many times have I repurchased this product? Countless times. Literally too many times to count. This little brow mascara is so good for the...

perilouslypale reviewed Benefit KA-BROW 1 year ago

Ka-mazing Ka-Brow
Okay so Benefit i not the most affordable brand... But boy do they make amazing products! KA-BROW is a brow pomade that comes in 6 shades and is...

perilouslypale has a new avatar. 1 year ago

Soft, Pretty Scent of a Body Shop Favourite
I love The Body Shop's body butters (who doesn't?), and this guy is no exception. The body butter provides pretty good hydration without being oily,...





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