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MolauS my skin was very dry and since i have been using Bio oil my skin is very smooth and radiant
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Anne Doli reviewed Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel 2 weeks ago

Bio-oil Dry Skin Gel review
I was given the Bio-oil Dry Skin Gel to try and I was extremely excited because I suffer from very dry skin as well as eczema. The texture is...

A victory for sensitive skin
I've been using the Environ Focus Care™ Moisture+ Hydrating Oil Capsules for a month now. With my super sensitive skin I was a bit worried that my...

Finally - a product of its type suitable for sensitive skin
I have the most sensitive skin in the world, so I'm always hesitant when switching or trying new skincare products. I started on a small patch and...

Modern masculinity
I really like the smell of this on my partner and best thing is that he likes it too. He loves it as his day-to-day fragrance and keeps him smelling...

This fragrance is the perfect compliment to your Little Black Dress. Floral, with a bit of mystery rolled up in elegance. I love its smell and it's...

Anne Doli reviewed Avon Far Away Gold 1 year ago

Are you ready for an adventure?
I am loving this fragrance! Far Away Gold makes me feel like I'm in the middle of an Arabian adventure with its oriental floral notes. It's rich and...





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