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Isaacs Hi
NdorNgubane Hey friend, let’s grow our accounts by following each other on Instagram: Let’s interact...
NdorNgubane Hey friend, let’s grow our accounts by following each other on Instagram: :)
NdorNgubane Hey friend, let’s grow our accounts by following each other on Instagram: and interact ?
NdorNgubane Hey friend, let’s grow our accounts by following each other on Instagram:
Thee_paragon Hi everyone... I am new here and so thrilled to join this amazing team.
Mskhikhi Hey lovelies, Ive just joined and I'm extremely excited! Lets follow one another on the gram while we're at it my IG is @mskhikhi and I'll follow everyone back! ? I have no idea why I did not join before however I'm a part of the family now ??!!!
MissMarcia Meet me on youtube...missmarcia and let's grow together ....
MissMarcia Hello everyone...let's connect and be friends...on insta I'm Miss Marcia .
Biancha Hey hey everyone,I'm new here, so happy to be part of the team ??
Andisiwe Berndt Hi everyone
Andisiwe Berndt I’m new and I’m so excited
Ramlebo Glad Im in
Madiba Hey guys. How does this website work and how can I get free products to review?
GlamedUpBySaney I’m so happy to join the family
Nolly82 # Hi everyone,I'm new here and so excited
IamThandolerato Hi guys so happy to join .
Chriszeldaflokkie Hi ladies am also new here finally part of this group ??
Isaacs Hi guys belonged to bb for years but haven’t received anything yet can you advise what I’m doing wrong
Madiba Hey. Looking for an influencer friend? Hit me up on Instagram: @sphindi.m
Madiba Hey guys I'm new here. Follow me on instagram: @sphindi.m
Ellaleathem Hi guys I’ve just joined, I’m a curly hair blogger, follow my Instagram @ellaleathem
Hallie Instagram @curlycattails let me know you are doing f4f
@smileswith.oraa Hey guys ? I'm new around here can someone please explain how things work around here x.much love . Oh and follow me on IG @smileswith.oraa
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Keagounden Add me as a friend and I’ll definitely Accept
Keagounden Hello You Gorgeous ladies , I’m really new as I just joined , I’m so excited I joined this platform , follow me on Ig @Keandragounden
Kayla Isaacs Hi everyone, I've just joined this platform and I'm super excited! Lets follow each other on instagram- @_kaylaisaacs Xxx Hello everyone, I’m new here and I’m excited to have found this platform ❤️
Elsie thato 1 Hello beauties let’s follow each other on Instagram @elsierams looking forward for our interactions ?
Leyla Hey Ladies? I've just joined and I'm so excited to build with all of you? please give me a follow on insta @leyls97
_nicolelesley_ Hi Ladies, I am new here. Please follow me on IG @_nicolelesley_ (I do a lot of skincare, maybe a bit to much...hehe)
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Anne Doli reviewed Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel 8 months ago

Bio-oil Dry Skin Gel review
I was given the Bio-oil Dry Skin Gel to try and I was extremely excited because I suffer from very dry skin as well as eczema. The texture is...

A victory for sensitive skin
I've been using the Environ Focus Care™ Moisture+ Hydrating Oil Capsules for a month now. With my super sensitive skin I was a bit worried that my...

Finally - a product of its type suitable for sensitive skin
I have the most sensitive skin in the world, so I'm always hesitant when switching or trying new skincare products. I started on a small patch and...

Modern masculinity
I really like the smell of this on my partner and best thing is that he likes it too. He loves it as his day-to-day fragrance and keeps him smelling...

This fragrance is the perfect compliment to your Little Black Dress. Floral, with a bit of mystery rolled up in elegance. I love its smell and it's...

Anne Doli reviewed Avon Far Away Gold 2 years ago

Are you ready for an adventure?
I am loving this fragrance! Far Away Gold makes me feel like I'm in the middle of an Arabian adventure with its oriental floral notes. It's rich and...





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