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gabs found helpful a review for Essence Soft Tough Mousse, written by sharleenn 4 years ago

essence soft touch mousse
I do like the essence soft touch mousse, its easy to apply and coverage is good. the only think I don't like about it, is that is it very messy.

essence soft touch mousse
I do like the essence soft touch mousse, its easy to apply and coverage is good. the only think I don't like about it, is that is it very messy.

Mac Ruby Woo
love the mac ruby woo, not only is it long lasting and luscious, its colour is for every skin tone. love it

sharleenn Invited 5 people to the site. 4 years ago

essence nail polish
essence nail polishes are the best, they are shiny, glossy and last longer than most other brands, they are also cost efficient and easily...





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