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Jenna.dean007 Hey guys! ❤I’m new here. ❤
Please follow me on Instagram @jenna.dean007
Jenna.dean007 Hey guys! I’m new here. lease do follow me on instagram ?
Amahle_S Hi everyone
Dinananotdiana Hey loves, I'm new here and would like to get to know everyone. Instagram handle is I follow back.
snettabosae24 Good morning everyone. I'm new here and very excited to be a part of this. Please follow me on Instagram @snettabosae24, I promise to follow back.?❤️✨
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Leray Hi everyone
Miss Cat Hey Fam
Kimnic Hi everyone ?
Kgosatsana Hey everybody ?
Kgosatsana Hey Everyone ?
Chiedza_d hey Ladies. Please follow me on Insta: @chiedza_d
Gomolem_makgoba Hey loves please follow me on instagram my handle is @gomolem_makgoba. I’ll be sure to give a follow back
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Kerisa Hi everyone ? I've just joined. Please follow me on insta :@kerisa_juglal Hi huns ? I’m new here. please do follow me on instagram ? Hi huns ?
Sekobela Hi eveyone i just joined the beauty bulletin family kindly folllow me on instagram @angelinemahlape Hey guys please follow me on Instagram @mabhayi_omhle will follow back
just.loveyxx Hey guys? i’ve just joined beauty bulletin. please follow me on insta: @just.loveyxx and twitter on @LoveyLesaoana .i follow back.?
PhumeMkhungo Hey loves I’ve just joined Beauty Bulletin- kindly follow me
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nomathemba Hello everyone. I’m a new member to BB. Please kindly follow me on Instagram @nomathembaaa I follow back :)
Lonzy Hi.. I just joined BB please follow me on Instagram @silondilegcwabe
Iamdeevyne Hey beautiful people , just joined . feel free to friend request and please follow me on IG : @iamdeevyne ? . Thank you
sibumpati Hey guuuuys, please follow me on Insta and Twitter : @sibulelempati , promise y'all , you won't be disappointed. love and light xx.
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Pennylindormash hello My name is Penelope please follow me on Instagram @penelope_lindor ❤️
Pennylindormash Hey beautiful people
Ahendricks2 Hey guys I just joined ? please follow my Instagram @ammaarahhendricks_
Micks_xx Hey everyone! New to BB & would like to follow all you ladies on Instagram, follow me & I'll follow you back ^.^ @4micks2nuggs0_xx
Azola_D Hey everyone, I just joined beauty bulletin?.. please follow me on insta, IG: @Azola_daniel. Thanks
Caylynne Murray Hey there :) @cays_curly_corner
seiler Nice to meet you after viewing your profile ,
I Am Jacinda Seiler , I want to say that my heart will be full of joy
and happiness for knowing you and i like us to keep this closeness in
business and hope this will bring us together as partner in the future
as i wish. I will introduce myself better when I get your reply
I wait to hear your soonest reply (
God bless you.
LimphoLalala Hey guys , I’m new on BB please follow me on IG @dimples_lalala
Ndindi B Hey everyone ? I’m new please kindly follow me on IG @ndindi_boya will definitely follow back.
Ndindi B Hey everyone ?
Lwethu Hi guys. I just joined BB, please kindly follow me on Instagram @thando.y_malinga. Will follow back
Saneli Hey guys. I am new so I would just like to know how long it takes for beauty bulletin to respond on a project you want to be part of after competing the survey
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