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Dove Beauty Bar
I have very sensitive skin and this beauty bar works perfectly for me. I use it to wash my face daily and as a cleanser to remove my make-up. I used...

Pure Care Dry Oil Conditioner
After trying out the pure care dry oil shampoo, I had to give this conditioner a try. I absolutely love how it nourished my hair. Left it feeling...

Pure Care Dry Oil Treatment Mask
I used this mask with the pure care dry oil shampoo,after applying shampoo, I applied the mask and left it on for about 30 minutes,then I rinsed it...

Pure Care dry oil shampoo
I tried out the pure care dry oil shampoo for a month,and I was impressed with the results. The shampoo is a gold colour and it really cleansed my...

Nourishing oil care shampoo
After using the nourishing oil care treatment conditioner and mask, I loved the results, I decided to try out the shampoo. I used the shampoo with...

Nourishing Oil Care Daily Treatment Conditioner
When I first used this treatment conditioner,I panicked a bit because it was two colours,lol. But I realised that its how the conditioner looks...

Nourishing Oil Care Mask
I've been using this mask for the past month with the pure care dry oil shampoo. I love how this mask makes my hair feel,it's softer and smoother. I...

Kenastacia Asia created new blog post Dove Hair Care Trial with Friends in General 1 year ago

​Hi Beauties I was chosen to take part in the #DoveOneWashChallenge with 4 of my friends. We will be using the Dove products for a month to see the difference it can make to our ha ...

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