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AVON Cherish
March 23, 2015    
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To Love and to Cherish...

Avon launched Cherish eau de parfum for Mother’s Day 2015 in the UK with the lovely Abbey Clancy and her mother fronting the campaign. This fragrance comes in a set containing the perfume, body lotion and roll-on, making it a superb gift for the leading ladies in our lives.

The packaging for Avon Cherish is off-white and pastel pink in colour. The perfume box has a message inside which reads, ‘Because of you, the most wonderful things happen…’. The fragrance bottle is absolutely stunning. It has an exquisite shape and a unique petal-like plastic cap. The cap is more of a decorative piece as it does not cover the spray nozzle. This might lead to accidental spills in your bag. However, this bottle will be a lovely display on the dresser/vanity.

Cherish is a delicate floral scent with fruity and woody notes. It is a pleasant scent – soft and feminine. The sexy musk puts an elegant punctuation to this fragrance.

Avon Uk declares that Cherish is ‘For the woman who lights up the room, illuminating the lives of those who cherish and love her’. This fragrance had me thinking about the special women in my life.

The top notes of pink pepper, raspberry and fresh bergamot burst into a joyful choir enveloping your senses in a tantalising delight. Some notes are more pronounced than others, yet they all find their place beside each other to produce a harmonious scent. This really reminds me of my sisters and I. The constant chatter, the occasional bickering, embracing our individuality but at the same time held together by the bonds of sisterhood.

The top notes have their moment to introduce the fragrance and quickly lift; and the middle notes kick in. These middle notes, the heart of the perfume, are mimosa, peony and jasmine sambac. The jasmine sambac gives it a unique, intense & enthusiastic aroma and causes the perfume to intensify without being overpowering. This part of the fragrance reminds me of my best friend. To me, she epitomises confidence without arrogance.

The base notes of Cherish are Tiare (the flower of love found only in the South Pacific), musk and sandalwood. The creamy sandalwood is captivating and enchanting, enveloping you with mystic. The precious musk gives the fragrance a sexy edge in the dry down, releasing a feminine softness and seductive allure. This lingers on your skin as a soft whisper. This part of the scent reminds me of my mother’s loving kindness. Her loving words of encouragement have propelled through this life and continue to linger as a soft caress on my soul.

The longevity of this fragrance on me is about 3 to 4 hrs. Re-application is a necessity to keep this scent going. The longevity can be increased by using the scented body lotion to layer the scent. You will definitely turn a few heads with scent:)

I am glad to have been a part of this review club. I really enjoy this scent and if you like floral scents you will most likely love it. Body chemistry plays a part on how a fragrance settles on the skin. On me, this scent settled really well and smelt amazing without being overpowering. Avon Cherish will be a perfect gift for Mother's day in SA.

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bianca b.k Written by bianca b.k
April 19, 2015
Wooow sound amazing definitely I'm gonna try it out!!
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MissAmy Written by MissAmy
April 21, 2015
Thank you Busisiwe for taking time to read my review. It is really a lovely, reasonably priced perfume. Please do try it out:)
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