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Labello Fruity Shine Peach & Watermelon
Lipgloss. Balms, Lip Plumpers
September 12, 2014    
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Labello Fruity Shiny Peach & Watermelon Review

AH-MAZING. That is all I have to say about the Labello Fruity Shiny lip moisturizer...

Just kidding! I don't usually rave about products as you would see if you looked through my other reviews, but this product really took me by surprise. I've used Labello products over the years and to be honest, wasn't always entirely impressed as I found my lips dried out pretty quickly which meant I constantly had to reapply. Well dearests, Labello has definitely upped their game.

The Peach and Watermelon Fruity Shiny lip moisturizers are soo good. By good, I don't even mean good, I mean great. So let me go through each flavour with you:

Fruity Shine Peach:
Can we take a minute to appreciate the scent of this? Wow, it smells so good, like canned peaches in ice cream. The scent alone is enough to send your tummy rumbling as mine is now while I am typing this. It really smells so tasty it's sure to have people lifting their heads and wafting in the scent while you reapply it in public.
I find the peach flavour more shiny than the Watermelon flavour and more creamy. I am not a major fan of shine in lip products, but the shine in these are subtle and understandable, considering you are trying to keep your lips moisturised.
The peach flavour also has a mild tint of coral colour to it and may appear easily on lips that are lighter than mine as my lips are naturally pretty pink as they are.

Fruity Shine Watermelon:
This is by far my favourite out of the two. I know you just read me going on about the peaches scent, but the watermelon flavour just takes the prize in my opinion. When I was younger I used to take my R5 and buy a whole bag of Chappies Bubblegums and would always ask for Watermelon flavoured ones to be put in. When I received my Beauty Bulletin package and saw that I had received the watermelon flavour as well, I was really happy. The scent brings so many nostalgic memories back for me that I knew immediately this flavour would be my favourite.
The watermelon flavour is not as shiny, but moisturises just as well for HOURS. I can like, drink coffee, snore with my mouth wide open at night or take a brisk walk in the chilly mornings and my lips STAY MOISURISED. Can I get a glory hallelujah?
The watermelon flavour has a lovely pink tint so it brightens up your lips just a little bit for if you want to wear eye makeup, but don't want to leave your lips looking naked and unfinished.

All in all, Labello's new range is a great essential to have in your handbag, gym bag, pocket, desk drawer, socket cupboard and just about any other place because I feel the need to explain how badly you need this in your life. Yes, I suppose it is just lip moisturiser, but your lips are really important! They're the guys that endure all that talking, the guys that make true love possible, the guys that hug your food before it goes into your understand how important they are now? Let them feel loved. Lips LOVE Labello.

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