Pond's Pimple Clear

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Meet your skin’s new BFF:
POND’S Pimple Clear Micellar Water

The POND’S Pimple Clear range has been specially formulated with Lock and Clear Technology to combat pimples, reduce redness, and improve overall skin health so you can feel more confident and comfortable in your own skin. What are you waiting for? 

Get out there and slay!

Does it really work?

Yes! We’ve done the tests, and POND’S Pimple Clear Micellar Water has been clinically proven to visibly reduce pimple issues in 3* days. It starts working immediately by removing dirt, impurities, excess oil, and pimple causing germs.


POND’S Pimple Clear Micellar Water is also a killer at removing makeup.

 Use it to brighten, refresh and cleanse your skin so that it glows – with or without highlighter.

**Dirt, impurities, excess oil and pimple causing germs.** Starts working instantly.
Visible reduction in 3 days, with regular use.


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We’ve found a squad of skin-positive sisters who are testing the POND’S Pimple Clear range for us. Read what they have to say on holding their heads high and going unfiltered:




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