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Rehidrat Oral Electrolyte Mixture
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September 13, 2016    
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Rehidrat Sport

I've always had to buy the normal Rehidrat for my guy as he's a fitness junkie. When I saw the product on Beauty Bulletin, I thought it would be fun to try it. I'm a couch potato, I ashamedly have to admit. I get up at 5am, leave work 45 minutes later and only return home after 6pm. This does not leave me with much energy to do anything else except flop on my bed and be glad I'm home.

Since I've started using the Rehidrat Sport Naartjie flavour, I have more energy. I get home and have a spring in my step. I'm more active now as well. My normal step count per day is about 6000, but I've gone so far as to increase it to 10 000 steps without getting tired. Last week I had the 'flu and this worked like magic. My headaches disappeared much quicker. I normally use 250ml cold water to dissolve one sachet, but when I was sick, I used about 125ml per sachet and I think because it was so concentrated, that's what helped me get better much faster than I normally do. I love this and what's also great about it is that it's HealthyCare approved. Even my teenage daughter loves this. The only reason my Rehidrat Sport is safe from my guy, is because he does not like naartjies which works out well for me :) This is really great for everyday use and I highly recommend it. I'm even keeping a sachet or two in my bag with me at all times for just in case.

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