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Panasonic Epilator ES-EU20
Hair Removal
November 19, 2015    
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My Epilator Experience

So I've tried all the other forms of hair removal in my beauty history: shaving, lasering, waxing, threading and I can safely say that NONE of them are pain free (well, maybe shaving if you don't knick yourself!)

Unfortunately epilating is not pain free either.

In fact the first time I applied it to my skin all manner of swear words came spilling forth. BUT I pushed through the pain and tried again a few days later and with a bit of "Dutch courage".

Again it wasn't exactly a walk in the park! But it definitely got better and easier to bear, especially after I got a few tips from those brave enough to do this on a regular basis.

The epilator is basically a set of tiny, revolving tweezers that remove hair from the root. I'm told that the pain gets far easier to bear and that the long term benefits of having to de-fuzz less regularly and softer hair regrowth combined with the cost savings of this form of hair-removal make it all worth it.

What I loved: Well I haven't yet been using it for very long (only 1 week), but I think the convenience of having hair-free legs for a couple of weeks would be quite a win especially over summer.

What I loathed: The pain, oh the pain! I also found that I had to go over areas a few times to get most of the hair to be removed which took quite a lot of time.

Would I do it again: I'll be pushing through the pain on this one for a while longer to see if the promises of it getting easier are true. The promise of a #SmoothSummer is too tempting to pass up without putting in a good effort.... As they say "no pain, no gain"!

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An Epilator review plus tips by Kathryn Rossiter
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