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November 07, 2014  
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Tampax Compak Tampons -

These little tampon applicators may be half the size of the cardboard ones but what about the environment? These new applicators are plastic...do you recycle them or just fling them in the SheBin?

On average, one woman will use over 11 000 tampons or pads in their lifetime, which will end up in landfill or in the sea.

One woman uses up to 22 items of sanitary protection every period. Regardless of your flow, you only need one menstrual cup, and I've had my Mooncup for over 10 years, making it the most economical sanitary product you can buy.

Why don't you head on over to Mooncup or Diva Cup and take a look at swapping to a menstrual cup?

I did buy a box of Tampax Compak to see what all the "hype" was about, but I will be sticking to my Mooncup...

I don't have to carry around spares and be discreetly slipping into my bra every time I go to the loo.

I won't be leaving any dangerous fibers behind in my lady bits causing me infections.

I walk down the feminine hygiene product isle at the supermarket and smile to myself, because I know I won't have to purchase these over-priced products.

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