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Comfitex Sanitary Protection Solution
Feminine Hygiene
September 27, 2017    
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Really one less thing to worry about

As women why do we still shy away from the fact that we have periods?Why do we still look dodgy in the feminine-hygiene aisle? Hello, it’s 2017, and we should have one less thing to worry about and that includes no longer being afraid of embracing womanhood.
Oh yes, periods are the most uncomfortable time of the month for every female on the planet so I looked at the product and decided to embark on blogging about pads.
Confitex has products keeping the female audience in mind; the ultra thin pads are cotton & keep you feeling fresh even on your worst days, they are super absorbent as well compared to leading brands. When they say ‘ultra thin’, they really do mean ultra thin.
The plastic bags they have are a real pleasure as for the first time in history I don’t have to resort to using newspaper or nappy bags. So say good bye to seeing an uncovered pad in public bathrooms. This I simply love because it just makes more sense.
Comfitex has made a great turnaround on their product offering by keeping comfort and ease foremost when it comes to usability. They’ve proven that change is good.
Having a super confident day on your period is now one less thing to worry about!

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