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Tampax Compak
Feminine Hygiene
November 07, 2014    
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Tampx Compak

Firstly, my package arrived super fast. So loads of love to you girls over at BB. Secondly, I liked the packaging. Pretty and girly, making it a little more bearable having to go through periods every month.
I have always loved using tampons. They are just so much more effective than pads. Tampax was the first ones I ever tried too, as those were the ones my mom used. But they had a problem then, and it is the same problem I have with them now.
I do love the new compak version - they are way more discreet to carry around, especially if you are on your way to the loo and don't have a pocket. And the applicator defs makes it easier to use. So big thumbs up there.
But my problems are the following:
Way too much packaging for such a small thing. And you use so many, imagine how the papers and applicators pile up each month!
They just don't expand the way other tampons do. Yes they are absorbent, but instead of expanding width ways to sit tightly inside you, these still expand length ways. Which means that every time I used one, it leaked. As opposed to other brands I've tried that expand width ways. It also didn't matter if I used the size I am supposed to, or a bigger one. And yes, I did change it every 4 or 5 hours as they say on the packaging. This meant that I couldn't sleep with them and had to use another brand at night.
So in general, I was NOT happy with them. The reason I use tampons is to not have to worry about anything leaking or making me uncomfortable. So these are at the bottom of my list.

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